Vicki Browdy

Stacey Adamczyk 

Joan began practicing yoga as a working adult and, encouraged by her teacher, she completed her teacher training in 2001. She teaches an eclectic blend of Hatha, drawing inspiration from the many teachers with whom she has had the pleasure of working. She likes to incorporate the use of straps, blocks and blankets to modify poses, and feels that this can help students of all levels. She sees herself as an instrument through which students can develop poise and confidence about their bodies. Through breath control and heightened awareness, she hopes to help students improve their quality of life.

A certificated Yoga Teacher based in Chicago, Illinois, Jennifer’s fitness education includes certifications in Yoga, Holistic Healing, Pilates, Nutrition and Personal Training. With an extensive background in physical fitness and general health, Jennifer found the varied physical and emotional effects of yoga complimentary to her lifestyle.

“Once I realized the beneficial effects yoga has on the body, as well as quieting the mind, I was hooked. I learned there was a way to calm my mind and my body simultaneously. I went on to study in numerous teacher trainings to be able to share what I found with others. I have studied diverse yoga styles for over 15 years. I strive to create a dynamic environment that both challenges and encourages each student.”

Jennifer enjoys watching her students develop and bloom from class to class, whether beginning or well into their practice.

She now teaches Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Hot, Yin and Kids Yoga. Her focus is on posture, alignment, balance, core conditioning and body/breath awareness. Her goal within each class is also to see you smile!

Amy Sweet

Jennifer Hollister

Julie has been practicing yoga for many years and completed her Hatha yoga teacher training at The Temple of Kriya Yoga. Through years of personal practice, ongoing workshops and training with invaluable teachers, her passion for yoga grows stronger! Julie is convinced the positive healing effects of yoga benefit all who participate. Her personal style of teaching focuses on breath, body awareness and proper alignment – allowing students to feel safe to explore, challenge themselves, find balance and peace throughout their practice. Her intention with each class is for students to leave feeling better and more energized than when they arrived.

Neeks is a committed yogi who has been practicing yoga for over eight years. She began to practice yoga because of stressers in her own life and found through her practice she too could be stronger and fearless, both on and off the mat. After many years of practice, she completed her yoga teacher training at Yogaview in Chicago, IL. She teaches with appreciation and compassion for each student and is grateful to be apart of their yoga journey.

Carlie Brennan

Kim Weber has been practicing yoga for thirteen years and teaching for five. She completed teacher trainings at YogaView and North Shore Yoga. A mother of four children, Kim has experienced the power of yoga to help more fully engage in the present moment – something that can become elusive during the fleeting years of raising children. Stretching the body and focusing on the breath can truly help re-energize and quiet your mind and spirit, which is yoga’s true goal. In her classes, you can expect fun, challenging and intelligent sequencing set to an ever-changing soundtrack. Her goal is for students to leave class feeling grounded and uplifted in body, mind and spirit.

Stacey was drawn into the world of yoga at a young age, and has since dedicated her life to preserving and sharing the sacred teachings and tools of yoga. Stacey believes the essence of yoga is uniting with one’s True Self, and that the yogic life is a beautiful journey of the Soul that is unique to everybody and every “body.” Teaching yoga is an opportunity for Stacey to serve and educate people ~ while guiding her students to build awareness to find the connection between their mind, body, and soul. She aspires to have her students feeling embodied with Love, harmonized in body and mind; and leaving her classes with a sense of renewal, mindfulness, empowerment, and peace in all things.

Stacey is a lifelong passionate learner as much as she is a teacher. She believes one is always a student first and has been guided to many teachers around the world through her journey with yoga. She received her first 200HR yoga teaching certification from Yogaview, 300HR from Hari Om Yoga School, and second 200HR and Advanced Meditation Certification from Blooming Lotus Yoga School, in addition to an extensive amount of continued education and teaching hours. Stacey attended Carthage College where she created and founded the Carthage College Yoga Club and campus-wide Yoga Programs for students, faculty, and collegiate athletic teams. She is highly experienced in teaching to a wide variety of students and her classes are great for anyone, including: beginners who are new to their practice, athletes who are seeking to counter balance their physical workouts, or for the more experienced yogi who is looking to enrich and grow their practice. Stacey has also started her own YA Registered Yoga School leading students through 200HR Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Stacey is a firm believer of living a holistic life and finding time to meditate each day, as she regards meditation as our Greatest Teacher and the silence as “the language of God.” Yoga has led her to a life of balance, happiness, healing and health, truth and union with Divine Love, and has been called to serve others to their Highest Truth. Her philosophy is simple: Plant Kindness. Shine Light. Spread Love!

Joan McGee

Karin comes to Sun & Moon Yoga with more than ten years of yoga experience. She first discovered its benefits as a mother of two, when she returned to college full-time. Her busy life left her little time for herself and when she attended her first yoga class, she was immediately impressed by the ability to relieve physical and mental tension. After a few years of practice, she studied at the Temple of Kriya Yoga, where she received her certifications. Her approach to the asana practice allows students to progress at their own pace, coupled with gentle testing of physical/mental boundaries by instructing students to find their “intelligent edge” and work within their poses, allowing them to feel the physical sensations & emotions which arise during their practice.

Emily Brennan

Amy Sweet has a 200 hour certification from Moksha Yoga in Chicago. She also is certified in Aerial yoga where she works with ribbons. Amy has a major in Dance where she attended the University of Iowa. You will find a gentle flow from each position in her classes. She also likes to focus on meditation, breath work, and strength training all while leading with a light hearted spirit.

Carlie needed some extra credits to graduate college, so she took a yoga class, with no idea of the doorways that would open by stepping into that class. Carlie connected immediately to the practice and teacher. Yoga began to teach her that she was strong and flexible and she started to doing physical things she had never imagined possible. Carlie found a new inner strength. She learned the most beautiful spiritual practices like compassion, truth, acceptance, and so much more. Deciding she had to share this practice and feeling with others, Carlie completed the 200 hour teacher training at Chicago Yoga Center. After many years of teaching and deepening her own practice Carlie has learned that if you follow your heart and trust in the Universe you will end up where you are supposed to be. Carlie is now the owner of Sun & Moon Yoga. She is blessed with a space to share her passion, to allow others to share their passions, to heal, to strengthen, to love, and to let go. Carlie believes that yoga is a vehicle that will take you wherever you want to go if you just show up. She loves teaching a strong Vinyasa flow class, sprinkled with spirituality and FUN! Peace, peace and more perfect peace. Namaste.

Neeks Thomas

Instructors and Staff

Amy Cardella

“This yoga should be practiced with firm determination and perseverance, without any mental preservation or doubts” -Bhagavad Gita It is with deep love and gratitude that Vicki comes to the practice of Yoga. The asanas are a door to expansion…the movement of breath and energy is the key to transformation. Vicki works as an integrative wellness coach, helping others to find strength and balance in the body and in all areas of life. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Level III Reiki practitioner, Certified in Life Style and Weight Management Coaching, and trained in Hado Energy by Dr. Masaru Emoto. (Emoto is the author of the book “The Hidden messages in Water”.)

After years of self study and persistent inquiry into the body mind connection, Vicki has found that yoga brings all the components of our physical beings into wholeness. She has been influenced by Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga and has Yoga Certification from Yogaview in Chicago, with gratitude to her teachers Claire Mark, Geri Bleier, Tom Quinn and Quinn Kearny. Vicki's ultimate job is being mother to her three beautiful daughters, 9, 13, and 16 who she considers her greatest teachers. She feels honored to serve the community and help others experience the joy and freedom that can be found through yoga.

Yoly Walsh

Christina Christie

Nina Ginocchio

Christina Christie PT, CCE, FAFS, FMR Christina is a Senior Physical Therapist and Women’s Health Manager for Athletico Physical Therapy and President of Pelvic Solutions, LLC in Park Ridge, Il. She received her Degree in Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University in 1990. She is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science, certified in FMR as a graduate from the Gray Institute. She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of the female client including pregnancy, incontinence/pelvic floor dysfunction and orthopedics/sports related injuries. She developed the Female Chain Reaction Course for the Gray Institute, is the Inventor of the PelvicorePro and PelvicorePro Training methods and continues to educate internationally for the Gray Institute, APTA, IDEA Health and Fitness Association and SCW Fitness, as well as many other public and private organizations.

Julie Penn

Sara has been a student of yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2003. She is married to a CPS elementary school teacher and has 2 children, Celeste and Autumn. Aside from teaching yoga, Sara is an environmental steward working towards the Master Naturalist certification through the University of Illinois and volunteers regularly within the forest preserves.

Sara is known in Chicago as a teacher's teacher and leads her own advanced trainings, workshops, and retreats internationally. She also co-leads the 200 hr Level 1 Teacher Training at Yogaview. Her interest in anatomy, kinesiology, and eastern philosophy inform her teaching style. Sara has had the honor of guest blogging for Conscious Living TV, keynote speaking at yoga festivals, and teaching for 2 years in Japan. Her past certifications come from The White Lotus Foundation with yogi-raj and author, Ganga White and Anusara Yoga. She currently trains with Iyengar Yoga teachers in Chicago, annually continues education with Noah Maze of Los Angeles, CA, and Darren Rhodes of Tuscon, AZ. Sara continues to refine her knowledge of yoga philosophy with Dr. Douglas Brooks through his online collegiate level classes online with Srividya Layla.

MaryAnn Berman-Beckman

Amy Cardella grew up on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s beautiful upper peninsula. She earned a degree in psychology from the University of Michigan. Upon graduation, she relocated to Chicago to pursue a career in Human Resources, and was awarded a master’s degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from Loyola University. She has since “retired” from the corporate world to raise a family and pursue her passion for teaching yoga.

Prior to teaching, Amy enjoyed being a student of yoga for 10 years. In October, 2010, she completed her 200-hour teacher training certification with Daren Friesen, Director of Moksha Yoga Center of Chicago. She was blessed to have the opportunity to train under master teachers such as Aadil Palkhivala, Seane Corn, Tias Little and Shanna Linn.

Amy’s passion for teaching yoga in its traditional style, to all ages, stems from the desire to help others find their inner calmness, peace, strength, health, and balance. Other hobbies include traveling, scuba diving, learning to speak Spanish, scrapbooking and enjoying live music.

I grew up with a love for movement. I was first drawn to yoga for the physical and practical benefits it provides, but it quickly turned into something much more transformational. Since taking my first yoga class over ten years ago, I've experienced a happy and healthy mind and body. Learning about the practice of yoga helped me overcome stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga serves as a form of self expression. My practice keeps me feeling flexible, balanced and empowered. When I'm on my mat, I feel stronger on all levels.

I've dedicated over 400 training hours to a deeper understanding and transmission of yoga. I earned my degree in Nutrition, Wellness and Hospitality from Illinois State University. I've been teaching yoga and traveling for the last five years.

I teach playful, soulful, inspiring and challenging yoga classes. I love the challenge of a vigorous whole body workout that also works the mind, spirit and heart. Whether you're taking your first yoga class or you've been practicing for years, I would love to meet you on your journey. We all have a light inside of us. Yoga helps to unravel the layers, to bring out the light. I believe yoga brings us back to our natural state. The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste.

"Pura Vida. This simple phrase embodies the most beautiful philosophy I have ever known:
Everything is good, life is beautiful, go with the flow, surrender to what is, let things go, enjoy your life."

Nina fell in love with yoga right here at Sun & Moon in Park Ridge!! Her experiences here led her to
pursue training to become a yoga teacher. Nina believes that yoga is for every body and she encourages all shapes and sizes to join her classes to experience the benefits of a yoga practice.
Nina is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level and has taken specialty
teacher training classes with Tari Prinster (Yoga 4 Cancer) and Judith Hanson Lasater (Relax and Renew).  She recently returned to Park Ridge after 3 years in South Bend, Indiana (Go Irish!).   She is happy to be rejoining the wonderful family at Sun & Moon!

Kim Weber

John G.

John’s life transformed at sixteen years of age when he discovered meditation. His journey began  with his love of the martial arts; it was in a book about Ninjitsu that he first heard of meditation. Meditation eventually led him to hands on healing. Shortly after high school graduation, he read Barbara Brennans ‘Hands of Light,’ and was so inspired by her work, that he decided to attend the Barbara Brennan School of Healing-a four year program for personal transformation and the development of professional healership. During BBSH, he fell in love with Yoga and completed his 200 hour teacher training in the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda.  He spent nine seasons at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies teaching and learning various styles of complimentary healing, yoga and spiritual studies. In 2012, all of this training was finally grounded deeply into the body through his completion of 1000 hours of study in massage therapy and bodywork at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca New York. He is now a 34 year old holistic wellness provider who loves to travel, and share his love of awakening and spirituality with the world.

Maryann took her first yoga class in 1997 with her sister Fran and her Mom and was immediately transformed. Through the years she continued to practice yoga and watched her own life improve and in fact, credits yoga with saving her life! Knowing she was being called to serve others in a different capacity, Maryann completed her yoga training at Total Body Yoga in 2007. She took a huge leap forward in 2008 when she left her role as Managing Director of Programs and Events for a national trade association to share her passion for yoga and health. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and is currently completing a 500-hour yoga therapy training program at Universal Spirit Yoga in Naperville. In 2009 and 2010 Maryann completed Ayurveda Training Programs at Kanyakumari in Milwaukee and at Bhavana Institute in LaGrange and is an Advanced Ayurvedic Educator with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). Since 2010, she has been an adjunct faculty member at the College of Lake County in Grayslake teaching a three-credit hour beginning yoga class in the CommArts Division. She is honored to be at Sun and Moon Yoga teaching in her community helping others experience the healing aspects of yoga firsthand. Maryann is a Chicago native and a resident of Niles where she lives with her husband Darren and 19 year old cat Jasmine.

Candice Chislof

Candice graduated from the cooking and hospitality institute of Chicago in 2005 with an associates in baking and pastries as well as a certificate in completing the le cordon blu program. Candices spiritual journey started 10 years ago right here at Sun and Moon Yoga. She quickly became inspired and felt she had to share this practice so she could offer others the awakening that she expierenced.  She completed her 200 hr teacher training in 2010 at Heaven Meets Earth in Evanston. As her practice evolved so did she. She became curious and hungry for more. She graduated from the Cortiva Institute in 2013 and holds a license in massage therapy. Since then she has done several body building shows, had a baby and furthered her journey. Candice is also trained in EFT Tapping and 3 levels of AK® energy healing. "I'm happy to be back to where I started, my roots. And happy to share all the magic inside me."

Amy Menconi

Sara Strother

Amy Menconi has received a Bachelor's Degree in Community Health. She has been practicing yoga for years and is certified with the Yoga Alliance USA at Frog Lotus. She loves how Yoga meets people where they are physically or mentally on or off the mat. Wherever you are today, Yoga helps you enhance that quality, that skill, or that moment. Learning how to breathe brings awareness and fosters mindful movements which helps you respond better. Yoga is a life long journey and with practice you can learn to embrace your own individual flow and pace in life. Meet me here at Sun and Moon Yoga and let's learn about life together and get in the flow.

Karin Newsome